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*bully pushes you*

*you push bully back*

bully: wtf you piece of shit, that’s reverse bullying

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1 - No publicity is bad publicity.
2 - Play the role of opinionated bitch.
3 - Change your ways, become reformed bitch.
4 - Slip back into old ways, because god damn it its your blog you can do what you like!
5 - State how “over” drama you are.
6 - Become over sensitive to said drama, yet…

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I hope you feel great inside inspiring hate and distributing it when I never did anything wrong to you. Any of you. All because I didn’t listen and follow the herd and stepped out.

Oh gee twice this week. Tons of fucking posts this week from all of you about me. And because of it I’ve gotten tons of anonymous messages.
So no. YOU can sit the fuck down. Stop being a classic bully who tells their victim to shut up. Sit down and own that you’re a fucking bitch. Sit down and own that I haven’t done anything like this to you ever. Sit down and realize that you can’t just justify this because other people don’t like me also.

And btw does this make you feel great inside? Kicking other people down for your entertainment so you can all laugh about it together? Aw damn you really burned me, all of the awards to you!

Fuck you and your above all attitude. The way you act like your shit doesn’t stink. How you find it socially acceptable to bully people for fucking nothing.
I really hope ten years down the road you look back and feel ashamed for acting like this. That or I hope your own child comes crying from school one day because they’re being treated like this and you can finally feel remorse.
Or you know. You could just stop talking about me and just finally leave me alone since I do the same. But your god complex won’t allow that.

Are you done? Because all i’m hearing is “whinewhinewhine poor me. im so victimized” (really you’re like a broken record) and your sad ass attempt at trying to sound tough is transparent. Swerve, sweetheart.

You know what I neeeever get involved in this stuous, asinine bullshit but ok.

Dude, Katrina, just stop. Just stoooooooop. What in the world are you trying to prove? What could possibly be so prideful that you have to sit here and keyboard warrior right back? You wanna be big dog on campus? Why?

You’re sitting here being preachy poor you when you practically coined hate blogs solely based on tearing people down. You are not without your flaws and your hands are not clean. Okay sure you have served your comeuppance for your transgressions and had to go running multiple times. WHATEVER!

You cannot seriously think that it is utterly irrational for people to have an Axe to grind with you. You were the original facilitator of hate and all the other nimrods have fallen right in line to follow in your shoes. I hope YOU look back ten years from now and suffer humility at the hands of YOUR mistakes.

You’re not gonna win this. You’re not gonna be the one standing victories at this mountain you’re trying to scale. just. stop.

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ugh i just want to not exist for awhile.

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I need a cool url too. 

How about…


Tell me that url isn’t golden. 











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I’m so glad not to be following mumblrs right now. Keep your word vomit on your side of the internet for the sake of it being contagious.

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Anonymous: I would. She was getting death threats from people close to her, like in indiana supposedly because if you type MacKenzie g on facebook hers is going to pop up.


Okay, i’ll make the post private.

You guys are…. rudiculous.

I’ve read SOOO much shit about Whit being an awful person for outing whoever the hell was helping run that stupid blog and now almost all of you are being victim blamers.

This idiot got death threats? SHE FACILITATED DEATH WISHES ON BABIES! But that’s no big fucking deal right?

Bitches get stitches, fuckers.

You wanna run a pansy ass hate blog? Goooo for it! But don’t be fucking surprised when people find out who you are so your friends will stop talking to you.

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Anonymous: Did Mackenzie delete??




Yes. Probably for the best even though she was a decent admin from what I saw.

Yeah she was a super decent admin of a FUCKING HATE BLOG.



That requires logic and common sense though, Cat.

I’m sure h a white girl right now because

i. can’t. even. right. now.

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Here is the thing. If you think that its breaching someone’s privacy to be outed for running a hate blog you can unfuckingfollow me. When admins were commenting LOL on posts that said “I hope Mindi has cancer” or “I hope her son dies” they crossed fucking lines. All of a sudden when someone is…


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